Fruitman Kates is a mid-sized Chartered Professional Accounting firm dedicated to serving individuals and privately owned businesses. Based in Toronto, our team is comprised of seasoned chartered professional accountants and financial professionals who offer a wide range of services to our clients.

Our People


Fruitman Kates was founded over fifty years ago by the two partners after whom our firm is named. Both Chartered Accountants, Martin Fruitman and Henry Kates envisioned an accounting firm that would be dedicated to excellence, superior service and would meet the diverse needs of their clients.

Our Services


Fruitman Kates provides a broad spectrum of accounting and financial services to its clients, predominantly in the private sector.

As part of our audit and assurance services, we examine financial records and practices and then make recommendations to help our clients minimize risks and take advantage of opportunities. Our tax advisory services help our clients navigate the complexities of personal income tax, corporate taxes and international taxes, ensuring that they are adhering to applicable regulations while seeking solutions to minimize their tax burden. We also offer our clients succession and estate planning services which can be a critical component in ensuring business continuation through a smooth transition of business ownership. Finally, our professional business services provides expert advice for business owners at every stage of business growth. Areas of business consultation include cash flow projections, budgets, mergers and acquisitions, business valuation and more.

Our Core Values

At Fruitman Kates, we live by the mantra: Founded on principles of integrity, dedicated to excellence.

To meet this standard for ourselves and for our clients, we employ the following values:

  • Personal Attention – Our clients are more than just numbers on a spreadsheet. Each client deserves and receives personal attention from our partners;
  • Results Oriented – We go the extra mile to produce tangible results and benefits for our clients; and
  • Trust, Integrity and Excellence – We hold ourselves to the highest professional standards, leaving no stone unturned or option unexplored for our clients.
Our Clients